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London 2012 unveils official uniform for volunteers

LONDON, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) unveiled the designs of the Games Maker uniform on Tuesday.

The Games Maker uniform, designed by LOCOG in association with London 2012's official sportswear provider adidas, will be worn by around 70,000 volunteers and 6,000 LOCOG staff during the London 2012 Games.

The uniform has a deep purple and poppy red color scheme. The color combination is based upon a contemporary twist of a regal purple and vibrant Grenadier Guards red. The combinations of vibrant and fresh colors will provide a distinctive look and allow Games Makers to stand out in the crowd.

Games Makers who will be volunteering and working at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games will have the same uniform. The logo will change on the back and front of the jacket from Olympic to Paralympic and Games Makers will receive new t-shirts and a hat. However, the trousers, shoes and other accessories will remain the same.

Besides, LOCOG, in association with British retailer and London 2012's official clothing and homeware supplier Next, designed the formal wear uniform that will be worn by around 4,500 Technical Officials during the London 2012 Games.
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It is necessary for us to plant more trees

There is no denying that trees not only play a magnificent role in keeping ecology in balance, but also provide people with various resources.

To begin with, trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which offer us fresh air. As greenhouse effect is getting more and more serious, planting more trees is an effective way to respond to it.

Apart from this, it is tree that stabilizes soils and prevents them from being eroded by floods. Besides, trees can be applied to against desert. Moreover, trees perform the function of the regulation of air temperature and humidity. This benefit to people’s fitting to the environment.

Last but not least, trees are a kind of material of paper making, which makes our life and communication between people more convenient.

From what has been mentioned above, we can get the conclusion that trees improve both our environment and life, it is necessary for us to plant more trees.
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